Crafty Product Review: Yarnology ® Yarn Winder

   I was so excited when Christmas came around and I received this product from my husband as a present.  I immediately went into my craft room and grabbed the first skein of yarn I could find to try it out. 
 I looked over the instruction manual, which took only a minute and began to wind my yarn per the instructions.  I quickly realized that the balls of yarn were not as uniform as I would like them to be.  Nevertheless, I continued winding.  
 Half way through my winding, something inside got caught somehow and it came apart. Mind you, I was not being rough with this machine.  My husband had to take it apart and put it back together, as something had moved out of place. 
  I continue winding, for what seemed like 20 minutes.  While I am doing this I grasp that this ball is looking a mess!  I am not a quitter, so I wind until the end! 

      I imagine the picture of my yarn ball summarizes my review of this product but just in case; this product is sold at Hobby Lobby for $39.99 which, in my opinion, is too expensive, $15 to $20 is what I think this should cost based on how it is made.  It is manual, not electric.  

     It takes too long to wind a ball of yarn; I should have spent that time crocheting!  The ball of yarn does not hold its shape in the end and seems as if it will easily knot-up during use.  

     Lastly, it is cheaply made; the device came apart during my first use.  It may have just been the one I bought, but the inside structure of the yarn winder lets me know that this problem may happen again.  

The pictures on the box only show yarn balls with about 1/3 of a skein and they are not exactly neat!  Enough about me, what did you think of this product?  I would love to hear your opinion.  

Quick Overview:

Who should use this product?  Intermediate to Expert Crafters

Should I buy this tool?  Skip this Product! 


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