Crafty Book Reviews

I happen to read a lot of crafting books, really a lot!  I lead a group of Crafty women once a month in making something new or different in the Augusta, GA area.  I am always looking for novel techniques or old crafts that can be made new again. 
  Do I buy all of these books?  No, but I wish I could!  I do go to the library quite often though.  I pick out books on all topics, jewelry making, crocheting, glass decorating, sewing, quilting, the list goes on and on.  After borrowing them, if I really love them, I buy them. 
  During book reviews I will tell you what I think about a book and why I borrowed it from my library or bought it.  I will also tell you about some things that are important to me, like picture quality, instruction clarity and picture to word ratio.  I don’t do well with DIY books that have little pictures or not enough explanations to complete a craft.  I will also talk about readability, is it an easy read, down to earth speech, have complicated terms, and are the unknown terms explained.  All the reviews will be from books that are 10 years old or less (from the time the review is written).  I hope this helps you when looking for a new crafty book! If there is a book that you would like me to review before you buy it, let me know in the comments, I will do my best to help. 


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