DIY by Ever Crafty

    Want to Do It Yourself?  Come to the Ever Crafty page and see what new DIY project I am working on!  I will post a few projects each month, along with materials and instructions so you can make it yourself.  My hope is that you can create something that is useful, inspiring or just for fun!   

    Where will I get my inspiration?  I will be looking for crafts that are trending on Pinterest, Twitter, or other websites, as well as what is trending in my hometown area of Augusta, Georgia.  I will also be including crafts which I have just completed or am about to teach, during one of my free classes with the Crafty Ladies of the CSRA group.  There will be times, when I just come up with something out of the blue and I will be sharing that as well!  I hope you enjoy the DIY post as much as will I enjoy doing them!

Look for these tutorials under the Craft Lab label. 

If you have any ideas or would like me to write about a specific topic please let me know below (add a link if you can).  ;)

Happy Crafting!


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