Crafty Book Review: Artful Paper Clay by Rogene Manas

   I have thoroughly enjoyed looking through this book. Though it was not a topic I was familiar with, I saw it on a shelf at my local library and got it on a whim.  Shortly after seeing the wonderful works of art that can be achieved with this medium, I went out and bought me some Creative Paperclay. I have to try this!  

  The author gives you so many tips and tricks, that you feel like "you got this". Rogene Manas goes into the tools you need for working with Paper Clay, how to layout the clay and create a good composition, even good tools for texturing.   The pictures are numbered and all the steps are well explained.  If you don't understand what is written, the pictures well make up for it!
  Even thought I don't believe this would be a good art to start if you are a beginner crafter by yourself (maybe with some assistance), I think it is a medium that all seasoned crafters should try.  If you are into mixed media arts and have not tried this, it should be on your "To Try" list. The tips in this book, for you to succeed are invaluable.


  Some of my favorite samples are pictured, like the Friend of a Feather.  I love the details with which the nest was made.  Another favorite was the Garden of Eden, also pictured.  Even though I am not a fan of  the morbid artwork that seems to be prevalent at the moment, (which includes body parts and objects mixed together) I can see the work and artistry taken to create them with paper clay and it is stunning. 

 I will be trying out paper clay this week and using this medium with kids in my business.  We will be making mini boards as prescribed in the book (picture below).  More info on how it turns out, soon.

Who should use this product?  Expert Crafters
(While the instructions are plain and simple, if you have never dabbled in mixed media, some of these projects are pretty advanced!)

Should I buy this book?  Buy Now!

If you are interested:


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