Etsy Craft Party Augusta: 2016

 Last year I had the honor to host a local Etsy Craft Party for the third year.  If  you know anything about this global celebration, you know that it usually happens every year in June. I wanted to celebrate with everyone else in the month of June but I was pregnant and my due date was in June, so I opted for May instead.  Needless to say, it would be impossible for me to organize and participate in such an awesome event, very pregnant or with a newborn!

So what is this celebration about?

Every year, the Etsy community comes together to create and connect. Anyone can join the fun by organizing a creative event or starting a project they have always dreamed of doing. Really, anything goes! People then share it all on social media with #EtsyCraftParty so fellow Craft Partiers can revel in their creative glory. (Info found on this link).

How we did it

Our celebration of meeting and making was possible because of the Crafty Ladies of the CSRA and the CSRA Creators Etsy Team both of which I am a part of.

Partygoers had the chance to create a craft project related to chalkboard painting, along with the opportunity to shop from local Etsy shop owners and crafters. We had raffles, snacks and music. We supplied basic craft items, like paint, scissors, rulers and paint brushes, partiers just had to bring and item they wanted to paint with Chalkboard Paint.  The entrance fee was $7. 


We invited vendors from Etsy and the local community to the event for $20 a table (to help cover event location fees).   If vendors donated items to raffle, they received a discount of $5 off their vendor fee.  One non-profit was allowed to join us for free, but they still followed the theme, handmade crafts (The Lydia Project). 

Craft Inspiration

To get the participants ideas about what to paint with chalkboard paint I made a Pinterest board for the participants.  I would make sure to post ideas on the Facebook Event Page every day, or every other day to keep people interested.   


I encouraged everyone to bring a snack to share, something sweet, salty or to drink, which gave the event a potluck sort of feel.   I even had my best friend Sherri make some Chalkboard Cookies to go with the theme, they were awesome! 


We kept it simple.  We hooked up an phone to a speaker and played "party music" from there.  I am not too tech savvy  :/ A little bit more planning should have been done in this area!


The, formerly the Augusta Academy (Civil War) and the Augusta Museum, beautiful right!

The is a place where entrepreneurs can share ideas, and work on their projects together.  I loved the building and layout, but it was kinda pricey (over $200) for a couple hours rental.  This year I made sure the location was free of charge. 



Our event was held from 6PM to 9PM, which was a little too late for me, but I wanted to give the "party feel" and didn't want it to be right in the middle of dinner time.  This year I will maybe hold it earlier, because I realize if I want children to participate as well, this may be too late for them to stay up!

Who was invited?

The whole community, including children.  Some men showed interest, but never came.  The craft party, at least in my area seems to be more of a girl thing.  But mothers came with their children and had lots of fun. 


Things I would change for next year:
-Find a free location to host the event
-Focus on inviting women and mothers to the event
-Change event time to a bit earlier in the evening
-Find a better solution for music.

Good things to keep for next year:
-Pinterest Board of ideas
-Potluck Style Snacks
-Allow discounts for vendors if they give raffle items. 

Have you hosted a crafting event in your area?  What pointers can you give us? 


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