Best of 2017

This was the first year of hosting craft classes as a small business.   I was fortunate to have many attend my events.  I hosted over 70 classes and had lots of fun. 
Reviewing over my year I remembered interesting crafts.  
Here are some of the most memorable and attended craft classes of the year.  If you joined me, thank you for making my love of teaching the creative arts possible!

1.    Arm Knitting

Knitting using your hands, no needles involved.  In less than 3 hours participants had a scarf ready.  

2.    Pizza Making

The Crafty Ladies of the CSRA met up this Saturday to learn how to make simple pizza dough.  The fun part was definitely choosing the topping combinations! Yes, there was bacon involved :)


3.    Sweets 4 your Sweetie-Valentine Craft
In this class we learned how to make candies at home and how to fill them with things like peanut butter and cherries.  

4.    Cosmetic Magnet Wall Hanger

These girls were tired of not being able to find their favorite makeup, so they learned how to display them on the wall with a hanger like the one below.  As a bonus they got a makeup lesson from a Mary Kay rep.  

5.    DIY Bottle Home Décor

This group of ladies was tired of just throwing pretty bottles away.  Each girl received 3 or 4 bottles to decorate to their hearts content with my help and craft supplies galore.  

6.    Rock Painting

The Rock Painting craze took over the year like a storm, and we wanted to be a part of it.  Kids and adults alike enjoyed painting at various events every month.  

7.    Dog Painting in the Park

Dog owners are crazy about their pets and brought them out to the dog park so they could paint a pretty picture.  Dogs of all sizes proved to be artists.  

8.    Craft Party Augusta

During our 4th Annual Craft Party we had handmade vendors, to include a glass blower doing demos.  We also offered craft classes like how to crochet with wire, decorate cupcakes and make a cross pendant.  But the best of all was the incredible photo booth and the opportunity to make a craft and compete for prizes.  


9.    Kids Craft: Slime
Another favorite craft among the kids, how to make slime.  They enjoyed making the slime, adding glitter, but most of all, making fart sounds with it when they were done. 

10.                  Paint Party: Georgia Camping

The most fun about making this painting was all the colors involved.  Isn't it pretty! 


11.                  Bullet Journal Boot Camp
Ladies enjoyed coming to this class to get organized for the year or upcoming semester.  They walked out with a ready to use journal and the opportunity to join a monthly club for accountability and lasting friendships.  They love the fact that you can customize the journal anyway they like (doodles, stickers, quotes, pictures, etc.)

12.                  Wood Cut Outs: South Carolina Home
The biggest private event of the year with 25 women painting with me at the same time.  They wanted to represent their state and home town of North Augusta.  I think they did very well!

Which was your favorite craft?  Which craft did you miss that you really wanted to do?  I would love to hear know, please comment below. 


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