DIY Glitter Abstract Art

DIY Glitter Abstract Art


1.    Canvas

2.    Sponge Brush

3.    ModPodge® or another decoupage medium

4.    White Acrylic Paint

5.    Acrylic Paint in two other colors of choice (I chose pink and purple)

6.    Paintbrush with plastic bristles (throw away)

7.    Fine Glitter

8.    Coarse Glitter (Same color as fine glitter)

9.    Cup with water

10. Paper Towels


1.    Paint the whole canvas white.  Make sure it has enough paint to make a wet surface, but not soaking with paint.

2.    Pour a line of your first color in the middle of you canvas.

3.    Use the sponge brush to fan/spread the paint towards the top of the canvas.  You will see the white paint start to mix with your color.  That is what you want. 

4.    Continue using your sponge brush, but only brush towards the top of the canvas to make there seem like peaks coming from the middle of your canvas. 

5.    Rinse out you sponge and dry thoroughly.

6.    Pour a line of your second color, under your first color, in the middle of your canvas.  Note: If your colors mix in the middle of the canvas, it does not matter.  This part will be completely covered in glitter.

7.    Use the sponge brush to fan/spread the paint towards the bottom of the canvas.  Again, the white paint will mix with your second color and this is ok.

8.    Continue using your sponge brush but only brush towards the bottom of your canvas to make peaks coming from the middle.  (It may be easier for you if you turn your canvas upside down 😊)

9.    Let your canvas dry completely, at least 30 minutes.  You know your canvas is dry, when it does not reflect any light.  If you do not let your canvas dry, you will mix the ModPodge® with the paint and it will not dry translucent.

10.  Once your canvas is dry, work in sections while applying ModPodge® because it dries rather quickly, and you want it wet to apply as much glitter as possible.

11.  Apply ModPodge® in a straight line in the middle of your canvas with the plastic paintbrush.  The line should be about an inch thick.

12.  Quickly pour your fine glitter over this line (as in picture above).

13.  Shake off any excess onto newspaper.  Pour excess back into the glitter bottle.

14.   Use your paintbrush to paint ModPodge peaks on the top side of the canvas. Try to make the peaks different heights (as in picture above).

15.   Quickly pour fine glitter on the top peaks.

16.   Paint ModPodge ® peaks on the bottom side of the canvas, trying to make different heights. 

17.  Quickly pour fine glitter on the bottom peaks.

18.   Let the fine glitter dry at least 30 minutes.

19.   Working in sections, make a ModPodge ® line in the middle of your canvas about ½ inch think, on top of the fine glitter.  Make ¼ of the line and then pour coarse glitter on top, make up to ½ of the line and add coarse glitter. 

20.  Let the canvas dry overnight. 

21.   If you would like, spray a top coat on the finished/dry canvas to keep the glitter from coming off when touched.  

Did you follow my instructions to make your very own Glitter Abstract painting?  I would love to see a picture in the comments.  
Did you find any of these instructions hard to understand?  Let me know and I will make them more understandable.  I want you to be able to follow along and do the craft.  Thank you!  


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