Frixion Erasable Pens

Craft Product Review: Frixion Erasable Pens

I have tried my share of erasable pens between finishing my master’s degree and being a “planner girl”. 

I love writing with pens (especially colorful pens) but I will admit I am a bit OCD when it comes to making mistakes.  Whether taking notes or just jotting down something in my bullet journal, I want it to look organized and pretty.  

 A woman was selling these pens on famous planner Facebook group and I thought I would try them.  Here is what I noticed:


They actually erase!  Other erasable pens have a harder than normal eraser that rips the paper.  This pen has a rubber looking “eraser”.  But it is not really an eraser.  Who cares, it works.  You have to rub it over the words you want to erase with a bit of force, but the ink will disappear.  Its almost magical. 

Other brands will somewhat erase and leave traces on the paper, but not this brand.  I did notice however that because of the force you must use to erase, a small dent is left on your paper.  Nevertheless, erasable pens have come a long way! 

A 3-pack costs around 9$ or about $3 a pen.  These gel-based retractable pens come in 10 different colors that I know of.   You can easily replace the ink cartridges when yours wears out making them earth friendly. 


Some things to note:  Other erasers will NOT work on this ink.  I tried a pencil eraser and a Pentel® Hi-Polymer Eraser and neither erased the ink.  Only the rubber nub that comes on the back of the pen works. 

Like I said before, these will leave a small dent in your paper that is only visible when tilted in the light.  Overall it is negligible. 

Don’t try taking these pens to the library!  In the silent rooms you will quickly be singled out but the constant clicking noise they make.  The tab that makes these pens retractable makes a rattling noise when you write. 

On days that I want peace and quiet I grab another pen.  I find that the rattle may drive me crazy.  This would be the only concern I would have if they were to make this pen better.  


These pens are great for college students, the colorful planner chics and secretaries that love vibrant colors.  Artists that love to draw but like to have the option to erase should try these as they come in many color options.   Overall, these are great for the closet perfectionist that wants color in their everyday writing but is afraid of making lasting mistakes. 


Who should buy this product? Beginner Crafter and beyond.

Should I buy this product?  Buy it now!

Have you used this pen? What do you think?

Is there a craft product you would like for me to review?  
Let me know in the comments!  


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