Heart Glass Pendant
Make a heart pendant out of glass bicone beads to hang on your favorite chain or ribbon. 

Leather Cord Wrap Bracelet
Use leather cord and your choice beads to make a wrap bracelet to adorn you wrist. 

Deco Mesh Wreath
Use two different mesh colors, some ribbon and some embellishments and make your very own wreath.

Quilled Monogram or Card
Choose between a monogram letter or a card and learn the art of paper quilling or folding strips of paper to make a unique design. 
1.5 hours* 

Tree of Life Pendant
Use different types of wire and beads to make a tree pendant for your necklace of choice. 
2 hours*
Decoupage Pencil Holder (Not pictured)
Recycle a container and make a cute pencil holder for you desk using decoupage techniques. 
45 minutes*

Melt and Pour Soapmaking
Make a bar of glycerin, olive oil, or goat milk soap and add special additives like exfoliants and moisturizers.   

Candy Pops (Not pictured)
Use candy wafers, fruit, marshmallows and molds to make special treats that you can take home to eat with your family.
45 minutes*

Paper Roll Wall Décor
Recycle your paper rolls into something beautiful to decorate your wall.  
1 hour*

Pinterest ® Craft Party (Not pictured)
Choose your favorite craft from Pinterest or your favorite social media site and I will research to see if we can make a craft party around your idea.  
Times vary depending on craft

Wedding Craft Party (Not pictured)
Help the bride make decorations for her big day! The bride or any brides maid can present the craft idea and I instruct, gather materials and/or organize a "party" for the decorations to get done.  You can also decide on a craft for your bachelorette party!
Times vary depending on craft.

  All of these images are of finished works of past participants.  
Thank you Lupe, Tina, Kim L, Becky and anyone else that was featured in the pictures!

*Times are subject to increase or decrease depending on the number of attendees.  (more people=more time, less people=less time). 


  1. Awesome craft design. You share your package , Thanks for it.


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