Crafty Product Review: Caron® Simply Soft Brand Yarn

   I absolutely love this yarn.  Like everything in the world, it has its ups and downs, but I still love it!

  I have been crocheting since I was barely eighteen years old.  I joined a group of elderly ladies in a 4-H club in Puerto Rico, while awaiting my date for boot camp and had some free time.  They taught me how to make potholders and decorative bathroom sets with all the frills, but softness was never an issue.  That is, until about 5 years ago.  I was encouraged to make a baby blanket for my last born daughter. 

  If the blanket was to be for a baby, my baby, then it had to be super soft.  I went to my local craft stores looking for yarn perfect for my project.  I quickly noticed that just because a skein said the word “soft” or the word “baby” on the label, did not mean it was actually soft enough for a baby.  I had my husband close his eyes and feel different types of yarns, all which were suppose to be for babies, on the back side of his hand.  To my great surprise, he said that some of those yarns even felt rough!  The winner was obviously Caron ® Simply Soft Yarn.  You can see a picture of the blanket I made next to my last born baby and our baby goat Jesse.  She was enjoying the yarn too!

  Just in case you are thinking, well maybe there wasn’t that much variety.  I was in a craft store that has one of the biggest selections of yarns in the Augusta, GA area out of 4 major craft store chains.  

  Now for the down side, you have to be careful when washing this yarn in the washer machine.  I have had some projects that stay together pretty well, but others that may come “loose” (not undone).  I have been able to use a gentle cycle and put my yarn project in a mesh bag while washing to prevent any harm.  But remember to follow the directions of your yarn label, even though I always forget to look there! 

  Overall, it is a good yarn to work with, as it also feels soft on your hands.  Every time I see this yarn on sale, I stock up.  Not because I make a lot of baby stuff (my baby is now a “big kid”, lol), but because I like soft blankets too!  This yarn cost around $3 a skein when on sale, and about $6 when not.  

One of my other creations with this yarn is on the left.  What did you think when you used this yarn?  I would love to hear about your experience! 

Quick Overview:

Who should use this product?  
 Beginner to Expert Crafters

Should I buy this product? Buy it now! 

Amazon at times has good prices on yarn, like now, just in case you are interested!



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