French Meringue: Tips and Tricks

    I had the privilege of meeting with a group of ladies to learn everything about meringues. My favorite craft nights involve cooking or baking and this was surely a fun evening. I was inspired by the instagram profiles from these two women that sell the most perfect meringues,  Meringue Girls and a random pick in the profile of Workshop App (not pictured).  After seeing these two pictures I had to make this out next craft night!

   We used this recipe for the basic meringue from Kitchn.  But you can easily find one that you like on pinterest.  All you need to make these treat are some egg whites, sugar and cream of tartar to stabilize your mixture.  To make them more fun you can add different food coloring to the mix, or top with sprinkles after pipping. 
   We also had a local renowned baker and chef, Michelle Towler at our craft night giving us all her personal knowledge on these sweet treats.   
These are some of the basic tips and tricks that we learned to make your meringues a success;
-Use room temperature eggs, this way you get peaks faster. 
-Use fresh eggs, the fresher the eggs the quicker they will arrive at stiff peaks. 
-Use gel food coloring, with no added water.  The extra water in liquid food colorings adds moisture to the meringues.  It may take them longer to bake and set.  
Meringues from our Craft Night
I hope these tips help you make the best meringues ever! 
Have you ever had difficulty making this dessert?  What happened?  I would love to hear about it in the comments.  


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