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Best of 2018

    It is no surprise that 2018 was a bit of a difficult year for me.  Adding a 5th child to the mix changed things and I found out that Post-Partum Depression is very real. 
          Luckily, I am now feeling better and I was able to reflect on my year with Ever Crafty.  Everyone should reflect on the past because upon doing so you find out you didn’t do as bad as you thought.   So here are the top 5 classes in 2018. 

1.   String Art

 I was able to teach string art to children by having their boards hammered with the desired shapes before each class.  But I also go to teach a group of moms from the North Augusta Moms Club how to make this Flower Vase/Mason Jar String Art.  It was a fun night and they were super talented!

2.    Meringues

The Crafty Ladies of the CSRA got together to experiment with meringues inspired by Instagram feed of the Meringue Girls in the UK.  It was a sweet treat night with lots of hands on opportunities.  

3.    Jams and Jellies

The Crafty Ladies got together again to learn about making Jams and Jellies.  We learned the difference between the two and made 3 different types.  Dreamsicle Jelly (orange and vanilla) was our least favorite.  Pina Colada Jam was excellent, and we also made a classic Concord Grape Jelly.  It was hard to pick between these last two, but I dare say; the Grape Jelly was way better than what you buy at the store! 

If you want an overview of what we learned, you can see it here.  

4.    Bullet Journal Club

This year I was able to continue the Bullet Journal Club and this year I incorporated a Doodling Challenge.  Each month if participants showed me their doodle practice, they received a raffle ticket.  I loved preparing doodles for each month and I may continue this in 2019. Another thing I incorporated was making a mini craft that related to bullet journaling.  This year we made a mini junk journal and a desk organizer out of recycled boxes.  I still use my organizer to hold my planning supplies (washi tape, rulers, etc.).  The BuJo Club now meets the Last Tuesday of the month at Panera Bread, Augusta Exchange. 

5.    Vision Boards

          Vision Boards are a way to have a positive outlook for the coming year.  I was                 lucky enough to hold two Vision Board Parties this past year.  One for the                       Women in Networking CSRA and a second for a lovely group of Mary Kay                     Ladies.  I enjoyed making customized boards for each group and talking about                 goal setting techniques with both groups.  I hope to teach another class in the near           future.  
6.    Runner up:  Finger Knitting
A group of ladies met at Starbucks to learn how to finger knit an infinity scarf.  Although there was only 5 of us, we did have a great time learning how to knit and sipping a nice warm drink on a winter’s day.  

I hope you enjoyed going down Memory Lane with me.  I hope you will visit one of my classes in the year to come and maybe you will see  your class in the round up next year!  

I want to hear from you!  Did you join me in one of these classes?  What did you like? What can I improve in 2019?  Thanks so much for your input! 


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