Best Crafting Fairs in the CSRA

Best Craft Fairs in the CSRA

I love a good Arts and Crafts fair!  I enjoy walking around while observing all the ingenious crafts that people make.  The colors and textures of different items on display just make me happy!

I had the pleasure of visiting Asheville's River District, the side of town devoted to artisans and crafters selling their wares.  It was wonderful to think that if I lived in this town, I could go buy a special gift at any time of the year.   It will be my life endevour to form such area in the Augusta area (lovingly called the CSRA). 

In the meantime we must make do with a few fairs that happen once a year or visit the few stores in downtown. If you like buying unique crafts, these local fairs don't disappoint.

Best Arts and Crafts Fairs in the CSRA:

 1. Art in the Heart of Augusta, September, a three-day event.  An award-winning craft fair where you can "shop for new handmade arts and fine crafts, sample delicious international food and see showcase performances by talent from all over the Southeast".  Bring a pair of comfortable shoes, there are many blocks to walk.  Plan on at least being there for four hours or more and all-day party!


Ever Crafty Best Craft Fairs

 2. Aiken's Makin'-Aiken, SC. September, A two-day arts and craft fair in the historic Downtown Aiken.  This festival has shorter hours than the Art in the Heart of Augusta, ending around 5pm, but still has many good artisans and craft vendors, there are food vendors, but nothing like the international foods of the previous.  If you like a bit of a smaller event, with less of a party feel, this is it.   


 3. Westobou- Augusta, GA. October, A 3 to 5-day art festival.  This event is more of an art than a craft festival.  During this gathering you will get to see dance performances, paintings, musicians, poets, and film from the local community.  You will only be able to purchase fine arts like paintings and sculptures.  The event only takes up a couple of blocks downtown, but there are activities for almost a week. 

Honorable Mention:
Augusta Handmade Fair (Spring & Fall)-Redemption Church, Augusta.  A craft fare done as a fundraiser for the churched mission trips.  You can expect a one-and-a-half-day event of about 30 mostly quality arts and crafts vendors.   You can be in and out in about 2 hours.  I highly recommend for a girl’s night (after grab a bite at one of downtowns many great restaurants) or if you need to buy gifts for a special occasion.  This fundraiser is usually done around Mother’s Day or in the Fall in preparation for Christmas.  


Ever Crafty Best Craft Fairs

An Hour Away:

in Columbia a little further away,
Crafty Feast Indie Craft Fair and Artista Vista-Columbia, SC.  April.  This craft fair is a little further away and I must admit I have never been able to see what all they have to offer.  As soon as I do visit, I will update this blog post to include my findings.  But according to their website Crafty Feast Indie Craft Fair will be a one-day event this year due to COVID and will be a part of the Artista Vista weekend long event.  The Artista Vista promises to be a cool event, with a lantern parade Friday, a gallery crawl and a juried craft vendor event all held on Gervais Street, in the Vista Art District.  I cannot wait to check it out! 

Keep in mind that the COVID has affected the way many of these fairs operates, so it remains to be seen what will happen in the future! 

Have you been to any of these?  Which one would you like to go to?  Do you have a fave or do I need to add something to my list?  I would love to hear the answer to your questions below in the comments.  Thanks!




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