Yarn Bombing in Augusta

This year I was lucky enough to be able to crochet for Hooked on Augusta.  Hooked on Augusta was started byVeronica J Mulkey to beautify Downtown Augusta by way of yarn, a.k.a. yarnbombing.  Many crocheters and knitters came together to decorate a specific tree between the 9th and 10th block. 


I was able to crochet the tree in front of the 971 Building, which I later found out was across the future location for American Journeyman, a home decor store of "collected and restored items that American journeymen built the country on", long-lasting items so you can own a piece of history.  At the time of installation, this store still didn't have a sign up, but now they do.  I am so excited about the treasures that could be found here! Update: American Journeyman had to close because of COVID, 2019:(.

Crochet Stitches

Anyhow, here I am after the installation with my tree.  I decided to stitch a sampler afghan to wrap around the tree.  Mainly I wanted all the colors to stand out and wanted to try as many new stitch patterns as possible.  I may have been a little too ambitious with my project because I have 5 kids and I homeschool, but I can confidently say I did my best.  In case you are wondering what types of stitches I used, I took individual pictures of each stitch for my record as well as your enjoyment.  

The afghan was crocheted upside down, from the top to the bottom.
Here I did an apache tear stitch variation, remember that I worked upside down!   
 Treble Crochet using two colors, this reminded me of LSU, geaux tigers!
 This was like a fan stitch I made up, using a bobble stitch.
 This was a V stitch using double crochet. 
This is just double crochet.
I cant remember this stitch!
This is a couple of slip stitch rows followed by Vs made with treble crochets and chains.

  I hope you like my crazy patterns. I certainly enjoyed making them!  

Now for the sad part, I went back to retrieve my work and it was gone!  Someone stole my afghan tree wrap, I was sad but I also knew it was a possibility.  I was told that when you start a project like this, your work of art may never come back to you and you just have to let go of it when you install in a public place.  I was glad that for at least a full month the Augusta public got to enjoy the downtown crochet and knitted works of art of so many.  Can't wait to do this again! 

What would you do if your public work of art got stolen?  Would you ever participate in an outdoors art installation knowing of the possibility?  Leave me your reply in the comments below. 


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